Treat Obesity with Phentermine – Lose Weight Fast

Q. What is the active ingredient? Phentermine is actually an active ingredient in and of itself. When people refer to it, they’re actually talking about any drug with the primary main ingredient this hydrochloride. Hydrochloride, or HCL, is the main ingredient in a number of different popular weight loss medications, including Adipex. It’s also available in a generic form, which is typically denoted by active ingredient followed by the dosage, such as “15 mg,” or “37.5 mg.” All of these terms refer to medications with this same active ingredient.

How does it work?

One reason you’ll find this ingredient being discussed in so much detail is because it’s extremely effective for weight loss in some patients. This drug is taken by obese patients which can result in the release of a combination of chemicals in the brain which in turn are known to have a suppressing effect on appetite. With a lower hunger drive, many patients eat considerably less while taking it. Lowered intake results in a higher calorie deficit, and that’s translated into fat burned. The chemicals which are released, however, are tied into the body’s stress reactions, and it is also a stimulant, so it can have some unpleasant, dangerous, and unwanted effects. Something else to consider is the fact that this drug can be habit forming, or even addictive, so doctors only prescribe it for limited courses of treatment. Once the patient is off of it, they’ll have to maintain their weight loss by continuing to plan their diet around a lower calorie budget. Many aren’t willing to change their bad habits permanently, and gain the weight back.

Can I buy it online?

The answer to this is a bit complex. Yes, there are online sales. However, the majority of these are unlicensed or foreign pharmacies. It’s not legal to purchase online or anywhere without a prescription, so doing so is a bad idea. Aside from being illegal, the reasons that it was made illegal to buy without a prescription are worth considering. It carries a risk of addiction, heart problems, tremors, anxiety, insomnia, and impaired liver or kidney function.

There are some online pharmacies, mostly connected with large, well-known retail pharmacies like CVS, Walmart, and so forth, which can legally dispense prescription drugs. However, limiting yourself only to these pharmacies is a bit counterproductive as you may find cheaper prices elsewhere, especially on generic form. If you truly can’t get out to get your prescription filled, don’t just search for an online pharmacy. Contact your doctor and ask him or her to direct you to an online pharmacy that you can actually trust.

What could happen to me if I buy online?

If you persist in trying to buy phentermine online without a prescription, be prepared for some hefty consequences. As a Schedule IV controlled substance, purchasing it is aking to buying an illicit street drug, when you don’t have a prescription for it. Up to five years in prison could be the result, and/or a fine of $250,000.Summary

Q. Buying it online, is it legal? What is this medication used for? This popular prescription drug is frequently advertised online, and it’s discussed on many different forums. That’s because this drug has become a very popular treatment for obesity. It’s usually prescribed to extremely obese patients who have had very little luck with other weight loss plans. It’s sometimes prescribed to patients who are only moderately obese but already showing signs of obesity related health problems, like diabetes. It works because it reduces hunger, which is one of the factors in how much people eat. When less hungry, most people eat less, and the pounds drop away quickly.

Where can I buy it?

Using this drug sounds very appealing to many who are in need of weight loss. There so many reviews and success stories on the web. As a result of these glowing reviews many people are taking more time to learn about it, buy it, and try it for themselves. If you’re interested in trying, the only safe and legal way to go about it is to go see your physician. With your doctor, you can come up with a weight loss plan that will help you quickly achieve your necessary health goals. Your doctor will need to examine you to ensure that this product isn’t likely to cause worse effects than being overweight, however, because this powerful chemical is known to have some serious physical consequences in some people.

Which is better for buying: get it online or at a regular pharmacy?

It’s far better to buy any prescription drugs at your local pharmacy. Taking the risk of purchasing from an online seller means you could get into trouble for breaking the law. You also might receive fake drugs if you buy it online, because these online sellers have little or no motivation to provide you with genuine medications. Instead, use your doctor’s prescription to get it at a regular retail pharmacy in your area, one that’s licensed. Buying online puts your health at risk, puts you at risk for legal issues, and could even get your credit card number stolen. If a pharmacy is already selling drugs illegally, what else are they capable of?

What if my doctor won’t give me a prescription?

This drug is simply not right for everyone. If your doctor says you shouldn’t be trying it, there are very likely to be good reasons for that. Don’t go against your doctor’s wishes. If your doctor refused, it’s because it is either too dangerous or unnecessary in your case. Remember, this isn’t some sort of magic, it’s just a medication that motivates you to eat less. You can also seek extra help by choosing a legal, non-prescription supplement to support your efforts.

What supplements suppress appetite?

One supplement which works similarly to prescription weight loss drugs in terms of appetite suppression is PhenObestin. PhenObestin contains phenylethylamine, combined with other ingredients which work together to suppress your appetite. One reason this supplement is popular is because phenylethylamine is closely related to it chemically, so it feels very much like taking prescription drug.